What does the Risk Management Scheme for contents cover?

The Risk Management Scheme covers most losses of contents in events such as break-ins, vandalism or fire.

The Risk Management Scheme was set up by the Ministry of Education when the private insurance market deemed the "school" risk to be unattractive, which resulted in schools being uninsurable.

Replacement is the primary settling conditions for losses.

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Summary of Cover

The following table is only a summary of cover. Please refer to the deed for full details.

Cover Limit of Indemnity
School contents Replacement value
Refrigerated property $10,000
Earthquake Replacement value
Subsidence $250,000
Self ignition $20,000
Works of art $10,000
Money $10,000 / $50,000
Staff Property $2,000 per person
The excess is $100 for claims with a replacement value less than or equal to $1,000, and $500 for all other claims.


This is not a complete list; refer to Risk Management Scheme document for full terms and conditions.

  • Buildings
  • War or acts of terrorism
  • Exposure to weather
  • Wear and tear
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Consequential losses and additional costs of working

Contents Claims

Any contents claims (not Liability) is handled by a separate claims handling system for the Risk Management Scheme as appointed by the Ministry of Education.

McLarens are the Ministry's appointed claims handling agent.

The contact number for claims under the Risk Management Scheme for contents is: 0800 293031 (option 5) or 0800 800 425

The claim form is available in the "Forms" section of this website.

What your school can do to avoid or minimise contents claims

Minimising Arson Losses:

  • Did you know that arson accounts for about 80% of all fires losses, of which 90% occur on the weekends and holidays. This being the case, you need to prepare your security systems to cope with the possibilities
  • Alarms for smoke/intruders should be fitted and then monitored regularly, to ensure they're functioning
  • Keep building exteriors clear of combustible materials. For example, get rid of rubbish bins attached to buildings. Go for free standing bins attached to posts


  • Remove from outside view any desirable objects that would be likely to attract unwanted attention, such as laptops and computers. Concealment under desks is a very simple method to reduce theft risk
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked at the end of each day, so that it removes the element of random opportunity

Uninsured risks

Overcode and Community property

Crown owned buildings

The Ministry will replace fully owned Crown buildings in the event of catastrophic loss (e.g.: fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) if justified by the school's School Property Guide (code) entitlement. Replacement will be based on actual size lost up to code entitlement.

Boards of Trustees cannot insure any Crown owned buildings to ensure, say, replacement in the event of loss.

Jointly owned buildings

The Ministry will replace any buildings jointly owned with Boards of Trustees based on actual size lost up to any pre agreed percentage share of ownership, or SPG entitlement whichever is the lesser. Boards of trustees should insure their portion of the building. However, you shouldn’t insure surplus space as the Ministry may not allow you to rebuild it.

School owned buildings

The Ministry will not replace any buildings owned by Boards of Trustees and/or the community. Boards should arrange their own insurance cover.

Marsh can assist Boards who wish to take out insurance cover for these types of buildings if required. Please call Marsh on 0800 29 30 31 (Option 2) to discuss.

Motor Vehicles

These also are not included in the Risk Management scheme except for tractors and ride on mowers and the like that remain on school grounds. Vans, cars, buses and the like will require separate insurance.

Marsh can assist Boards who require these covers, please call 0800 29 3031 (option 2) with details of your vehicles (make and model, registration, market value).

Please note these interests (Overcode property, Community owned property and Motor Vehicles) are not covered by the Risk Management Scheme except as detailed and remain uninsured until such time as advised separately to you.