Cyber Cover

The Ministry has worked with NZI to develop a cyber insurance policy to protect schools from the major risks you face. Insurance for cyber risks has been included within the Ministry’s Risk Management programme from 1 January 2017 at no additional cost to schools.

How do I sign up for this cover?

If you are enrolled in the Ministry’s Risk Management Scheme then your school automatically has cyber insurance from 1 January 2017. If you are not in the Risk Management Scheme then simply contact the dedicated Ministry of Education team at Marsh on 0800 293 031 and select option 2.

Summary of Cover - Cyber

Section Policy Limit $250,000

Cover for legal liability and defence costs resulting from a breach of personal or commercially confidential information (including employee and student information), including information lawfully held by service providers (for example, Cloud, or internet service providers).

System Damage

Reasonable costs and expenses for use of IT forensic or security consultants to retrieve, repair, restore or replace computer systems / records as a result of a cyber event – for example hacking attack, virus, accidental or malicious damage to systems / records, including that caused by employees or students.

Computer Virus Transmission & Hacking

Cover for legal liability and defence costs resulting from hacking attack or virus coming from or through the school’s computer system, including that caused by employees or students.

Multimedia Liability

Cover for legal liability and defence costs resulting from defamation, infringement of copyright, trademark, plagiarism, etc, coming from or through the school’s computer system, including that caused by employees or students.

Cyber Extortion Cover

Cover for costs of extortion payments made with the insurer’s consent following a threatened or actual attack on the school’s computer system, including costs and expenses of crisis management to avert a threatened attack and costs of investigating the cause of the threat.

Cover includes the following automatic extensions:

Section Policy Limit $250,000

Privacy Fines and Investigations

Cover for fine or penalty payable following a breach of privacy obligations and costs of regulatory investigations into such breach.

Privacy Breach Notification & Loss Mitigation

Cover for reasonable & necessary costs the Insured is obligated to pay, and costs incurred to mitigate, a privacy breach that has occurred (**maximum $25,000 unless NZI’s prior consent is obtained).


Personal Reputation Cover

Covers public relations costs paid to avert or mitigate damage to the reputation of a school’s board members, principal or employees.

Reward Expenses

Cover for reward payments made with NZI’s consent for information leading to the conviction of a hacker, etc.

Continuous Cover

Allows claims that should have been notified in one insurance period but were notified late to be covered, subject to various provisos.

Extended Reporting Period

Allows up to 30 days for reporting of claims, or circumstances that could lead to claims, if the policy is not renewed or cancelled.

Advancement of Defence Costs

Cover for legal fees & expenses where the insurer has elected not to take over/conduct any defence of a claim under the policy.

Cyber Insurance Excess

For each claim the school is responsible for the excess. The excess is

  • $1,500 for schools with a roll of less than 1,000 students
  • $3,000 for schools with a roll of 1,000 or more students

Cyber Incident process

In the event your school suffers a cyber breach contact Sedgwick on 0800 293 031 (option 6) or direct on 0800 694 292.

Sedgwick are NZI’s dedicated breach coach and they will mobilise necessary resources to help you resolve the situation.

Special Note

The policy coverage is provided on a 'claims made and notified' basis. Any claim or known circumstance which may give rise to a claim must be notified to the insurers as soon as you become aware of them and within the current insurance year. Failure to do so could lead to declinature of that claim.