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Reducing Risk

Use our simple self assessment checklist to manage areas of risk in your school PLUS get advice on risk prevention.

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Keepsafe provides schools with cost-effective and extensive insurance coverage.

Since 1989 the Ministry of Education has provided protection for school contents/Board of Trustees property. The Ministry, with assistance from its appointed insurance broker, Marsh have developed an enhanced programme that offers real value.

What can Keepsafe do for your school?

  • Provide contents cover (all Board of Trustees property for their replacement value, including items such as laptops and sporting equipment.)
  • Make it easy to obtain cover — just complete the form.
  • No premium to pay from your school budget. The Ministry of Education fully fund the programme through quarterly deductions from the Schools’ Operations Grant.
  • Provide a broad liability insurance programme (Public, Trustees, Statutory, Employment Disputes, Professionals, Employers, Fidelity, Legal Expenses. This programme automatically includes cover for school events such as camps, walks, etc, and most school fundraising activities.)
  • Provide cyber insurance cover to protect schools from the major risks your computer systems and records face in the cyber age.

How do I sign up or renew my existing cover in the Risk Management programme?

To join the scheme simply complete and fax the application form back to the Ministry of Education, and your school is automatically covered. Once your school is in the scheme it remains in the scheme until you choose to withdraw. No annual renewal is required.

The Ministry of Education’s fax number is:
04 463 8376

Keepsafe is the simple way to arrange your school’s insurance cover.

For further guidance or specific information on any of the topics detailed below please phone:

0800 293 031
Below are a list of options available
on the 0800 phone service.
Click on headings for more detail.
1. Urgent advice on any dispute - STA+
Call 0800 293 031 and press 1 for urgent advice or assistance with any dispute involving a staff member or pupil.
2. Information or advice on extent of cover - Marsh+
Call 0800 293 031 and press 2 for information or advice about the extent of cover under the School Insurance Scheme.
3. Legal advice on any issue or event - Lumley+
Call 0800 293 031 and press 3 if you require legal advice on any issue or event that could give rise to a liability claim, including employment disputes. Your call will be transferred to one of our legal advisors in our liability claims team.
4. To notify Lumley of a liability claim or a new claim - Lumley+
Call 0800 293 031 and press 4 to speak to Lumley about a liability claim, notify new claims or you can email
5. To speak to a Contents Loss Adjuster - McLarens+
Call 0800 800 425 and press 5 to speak to McLarens about the Ministry of Education Contents Insurance Programme or notify a new property claim.
6. To report a cyber event – Sedgwick (ex Cunningham Lindsay)+
Call 0800 293 031 and press 6 to speak to Sedgwick (formerly Cunningham Lindsay) about any cyber event or breach. Sedgwick are the insurer’s dedicated breach coordinator and they will mobilise necessary resources to help resolve the situation. You can also call Sedgwick’s cyber team direct on 0800 694 292.